Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units

We offer a wide range of storage units sized to accommodate your needs

Why Choose a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled storage units are a little more expensive than regular self storage units. However, it is worth the extra expense if your items are susceptible to damage caused by temperature changes. If you wouldn’t put the item in a backyard shed, consider climate controlled storage. A few items that we recommend a climate-controlled unit are:

  • Paintings and photographs
  • Computers and electronics
  • Books and other valuable papers
  • Antiques
  • Cloth and/or wood furniture

Protect Your Belongings with Climate Controlled Storage

Storing personal and household items in a climate-controlled storage unit can help protect them from the changing weather conditions we experience in Mississippi. 

A standard storage unit is generally okay for many items, but several items require consistent climate control storage to prevent damage from occurring while your items are being stored. 

Changes in temperature and weather can produce condensation, which may cause decay of your item and mold to grow which will damage your valuable and sensitive stored items. 

Storing items in temperature-controlled storage units can prevent damage from the results of changing weather conditions since our storage units use a humidity control system to maintain consistent levels.

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Climate Storage Features

Why choose the attic for you temperature-controlled storage unit

At the Attic, you will find a unit that matches your budget and keeps your items preserved. 

We take every measure to ensure your belongings remain exactly as they were on the day they were put into storage at our facility. 

Our team values our clients and their cherished possessions. We care about your things just as much as you do, that is why we are dedicated to being the best storage company in Mississippi. 

We are committed to providing superior levels of security to ensure your personal belongings are safe, day and night!

  • Units from 5’ x 10’ to 12’ x 40’
  • Security-coded electronic gates
  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • On-site security
  • Personalized gate codes
  • Access anytime, day or night

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